Golden Diamond Chinese Cresteds



October 11

International Show Zooekspo’12, Riga, Latvia

 Judge: Juha Kares, Finland


Golden Diamond Cresteds Candance: PP, Very promising I from 5 girls, BOB Puppy and I’m so happy for her confidence in the BIS Show ring! 


Golden Diamond Cresteds Corbelli: PP, Very Promising


Golden Diamond Cresteds Toscany: CQ, Excellent II, Intermedia Class, Best female IV


Golden Diamond Cresteds Geppetto: CQ, Excellent II, Intermedia Class


Golden Diamond Cresteds Walante: PP, Excellent II, Junior Class



June 10

International Dog Show, Riga, Latvia

Judge: Ana Mesto Martin, Spain


Golden Diamond Cresteds Woodwind: Excellent, PP, JCAC, Best Male 2

Sancerre Armani Golden Diamond: Excellent, CQ, CACIB, Best Male, BOO

Golden Diamond Cresteds Toscany: excellent, PP, JCAC, Best Female 3

June 9

International Dog Show, Riga, Latvia

Judge: Philip John, India


Golden Diamond Cresteds Toscany: JCAC, Best Female 3, Excellent, PP, Cruft 2013 qualified

Sancerre Armani Golden Diamond: Excellent, RCACIB

June 3

National all Breed Dog Show, Kaunas, Lithuania

Judge: Anne Sume, Estonia


Golden Diamond Cresteds Apricoto: JCAC, Junior Winner

Golden Diamond Cresteds Assante: JCAC, Junior Winner, Best Junior



June 2

National all Breed Dog Show, Kaunas, Lithuania

Judge: Jerzy Olszewski, Poland   


Golden Diamond Cresteds Woodwind: Excellent

Golden Diamond Cresteds Toscany: Excellent

Taijan Dreamer Tornado: Veteran Winner, Veteran CAC


May 20

National all Breed Dog Show, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Judge: Regina Vaitkunskiene, Lithuania


Rino Anne JP Shooting Star: CAC, Best Male, Winner

Golden Diamond Cresteds Lovelady: CAC, Best Female, Winner

Golden Diamond Cresteds Woodwind: Excellent

 Golden Diamond Cresteds Tenerife: Excellent

May 19

Specialty Show

Riga, Latvia

 Judge: Malgorzata Zakrzevska, Poland



Golden Diamond Cresteds Woodwind: JCAC, PP, Best Female, BOB

 Golden Diamond Cresteds Tenerife: JCAC, PP, Best Female 2 


May 6

National all Breed Dog Show, Saldus, Latvia

Judge: Inese Pablaka, Latvia


Golden Diamond Cresteds Assante: JCAC, PP, Best Female, BOO Now we need one more JCAC and she will complete LVJCH as well as JCH titles in other countries!
Golden Diamond Cresteds Wodwind: excellent


May 5

National all Breed Dog Show, Talsi, Latvia

Judge: Miodrag Mile Nikič, Serbia


Golden Diamond Cresteds Tenerife: JCAC, PP, Best Female, BOO
Very first show for this precious girl of ours, wonderful results!

Rino Anne JP Shooting Star: CAC, CQ, Best Male 2

Golden Diamond Cresteds Apricoto: excellent


April 22

Specialty Show

Riga, Latvia

 Judge: Inga Siil, Estonia


Golden Diamond Cresteds Toscany: JCAC, PP, Best Female, BOO It was her very first show and she did amazing! Proud of my girl :)
Rino Anne JP Shooting Star: excellent 1

April 22

Alma & Gepe both happy Junior Winners this weekend! After a wonderful and productive weekend they have accomplished a lot, Gepe is now Lithuanian Junior Champion! Thank you so much to Alma for her time and hard work, I'm so happy to hear that Gepe worked for all 100% in show!

April 7

Specialty Show

Riga, Latvia

 Judge: Brigita Vitolina, Latvia



Easter in our family will be truly joyous as the Golden Diamond Cresteds team had wonderful results! My Juniors turned exactly 9 months today and what a great Birthday present it is, and I am so excited our visitor from Japan - Tantan on the 9th day since his arrival to Latvia did super!

Golden Diamond Cresteds Assante: JCAC, PP, Best Female 2
Golden Diamond Cresteds Apricoto: JCAC, PP, Best Male 3
Rino Anne JP Shooting Star: CAC, CQ, Best Male 2. Congratulations Noriko&Manami and thank you for sharing this gorgeous boy with us!
Taijan Dreamer Tornado: VCAC, PP, BOB Veteran, Best in Show Veteran-3

April 2

We had a wonderful trip to Amsterdam with Pixie where we got to spend a nice day in beautiful park Keukenhof with her new mommy Catherine. Thank you so much for planning this day for us and I am so happy that Pixie is with such a sweet, caring person! All the best wishes to you for a great career and a lot of success in all you do!

March 27

Short trip to Japan to bring home our visitor for the next year - the beautiful Tantan. Manami and Tantan - one more kiss before the long journey to Europe and I get to reunite with Hurri at Tokyo Narita Airport! Thank you Noriko and Manami for entrusting your boy!


March 24

Specialty Show

Riga, Latvia

Judge: Rita Kadiķe-Skadiņa

Another super day and wonderful results for our cresteds!

Taijan Dreamer Tornado: Finished his Lavian Veteran Champion title with VCAC, BOB and BOB Veteran and again The Best Veteran-1 !!!
Golden Diamond Cresteds Geppetto: JCAC, Best Male 2 after Tornado and finished his Latvian Junior Champion!
Golden Diamond Cresteds Gvendolina: JCAC, Best Female 1 and BOO!
Golden Diamond Cresteds Lovelady: CAC, Best Female 2 and now needs to wait a year to get her last CAC for her Latvian Champion title.

Thank you to all the handlers that helped me during the show, especially Egle Palaimaite!


March 17

 Latvian Winner'12,

Riga, Latvia

Judge: A. Redlicka, Poland



The Best Veteran

Judge: Revaz Khomasuridze, Russia


Tornado did it again, with at least 20 Veterans, it was a true honor to be Best Veteran 1! My juniors worked great and I can be very proud of them!

Taijan Dreamer Tornado: Latvian Veteran Winner'12, VCAC, PP, The Best Veteran-1!!!
Golden Diamond Cresteds Geppetto: PP, Junior Excellent-3
Golden Diamond Cresteds Gvendolina: PP, Junior Excellent-4

March 10

Specialty Show

Riga, Latvia

 Judge:  Zofia Konderla, Poland

Another wonderful weekend and all my cresteds did their best, had a fun time and results say it all! I was very happy to show our first stud male Tornado again this time he is already a Veteran. After two years of vacation, he still has it! True show man, he had a blast and showed super, his tale was not just wagging - it was going in circles from happiness of being out in the ring again :)

Golden Diamond Cresteds Geppetto: JCAC, PP, Best Male-3
Golden Diamond Cresteds Gvendolina: JCAC, PP, Best Female-2
Golden Diamond Cresteds Lovelady: CAC, CQ, Best Female-3
Taijan Dreamer Tornado: BOB, VCAC, PP, Best Male-1, Best Veteran in Show-1 and Best in Show-3!!!


February 18,19

National all Breed Dog Show, Valmiera, Latvia

Judge: Igor Vyguzov, Russia


Golden Diamond Cresteds Farrezo: CAC, Best Male, CQ, BOO

Our hard work for this past year paid off! We had just one chance to finish 2 more titles for Farrezo as we already have tickets to Barcelona and bring our boy to his new mom. And he did it! Over just one year he completed 7 titles! Farrezo was CAC, Best Male and BOO therefore adds Latvian and Lithuanian Champion to his name! We are very proud and happy, congratulations Alicia and Cristina!


 Judge: Jadranka Smojver Selimovič,  Croatia


 Golden Diamond Cresteds Geppetto: JCAC, PP, Best Male 2

Golden Diamond Cresteds Gvendolina: Excellent, PP


First show for our promising boy with tough competition, and we are proud to announce Gepe was JCAC, Best Male 2 and therefore - starts his career towards Junior Championships! His sister Gvendolina was Excellent-3. Both worked so hard and so well - I am so excited for my babies!



January 22

National all Breed Dog Show, Daugavpils, Latvia

Judge: Georgi Hristozov, Bulgaria


Golden Diamond Cresteds

Honeybrown: CAC, CQ

Wonderful start of 2012! Honeybrowne finished her Latvian Champion title and therefore, Belorussian Champion title! We are very proud of our sweet girl!