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                    NEW PUPPIES ARE HERE

                       DOB: November 27th, 2015

            Sire: Golden Diamond Cresteds Rudolph

            Dame: Golden Diamond Cresteds Candance


                          HL Male, HL Male, HL Male, PP Male




 We are glad to announce we have new litter in our kennel.

For more information please write as and email at



 We are happy and proud to announce our little rising star
<<< Golden Diamond Cresteds Fireball>>> (Legends Men In Black & Madonna Luci Golden Diamond) from now is known as Junior Champion of Latvia and Lithuania! At National Dog Show in Liepaja at 5th & 6th of December 2015 he wins junior class both days with excellent, PP, JCAC and finishing days as Best Male 2. Thanks Judges Ms.Olga Goncharuk and Mr.Sergey Slukin from Ukraine.

    Back from Lithuania, Kedainai double all breeds National show weekend with great news and new champions!
Our new rising star Golden Diamond Cresteds Fireball 2x Youth Winner, Best Junior of Breed and Best of Breed !!!
<< Golden Diamond Cresteds Venezia>> Youth Winner and become Lithuanian Junior Champion !!! Congratulations her owner Noriko Rino Anne
<<< Legends Git R Done >>> Veteran Winner and become Lithuanian Veteran Champion and Baltic Veteran Champion !!!
I am very proud and happy for my furbabies
Emocijzīme heart

Big thanks judges Mr. Igoris Zizevskis (Lithuania) and Mr.Viktoras Avtuško (Lithuania)


                          Bali Winning BOB



 It always makes us very proud to see our dogs happy in their new homes, Here are the photo of two brothers


< Golden Diamond Cresteds McMelanzit aka Lenny> and << Golden Diamond Cresteds Moonstone aka Stoney>>

they enjoy their new homes and families. Thank you so much for wonderful home and love you give to our babies!


                Lenny in his new home in New Jersey



        Stoney feeling very comfortable in his new home




 Couldn't be more proud as breeder with these unbelievably wonderful news from Nicolette Anderson- what an amazing achievement!
Our boy  << Golden Diamond Cresteds Pacco Proud >>
winn Reserve Top Toy Dog of the Western Cape 2015! We would like to send huge congratulations to the whole team who made this amazing win possible - Nicolette Anderson, Helen Theron Néil de Kock Elrena Stadler and everyone who supported Logan every step of the way and cheered him on - Thank you! And finally thank you so much to judge Mrs Ricky Gouws for awarding our boy! His Latvian family is very proud, me as his breeder along with our whole family, and of course his mom Asante(Golden Diamond Cresteds Assante) and dad Tommy(Legends Men In Black)! What a well deserved win, and I think this is just the beginning for this almost 20 month old black beauty! Hugs!!! Love you all






  I am very proud to announce that after the recent October Champ shows, Logan (CH. Golden Diamond Cresteds Pacco Proud for Krescendo) at almost 19 months old has become a South African Champion!!!




Today at Latvian Toy Dog Club FCI 9. Group Dog Show our veteran gentlemen

<<<CH. TAIJAN DREAMER TORNADO >>> won Best In Show Veteran - I
He is 12 years old but still loves to be in the show ring, happy as he can be. Thank you LDSK "Latvian Toy Breed Club" for great show day and judge Beata Petkevica




 We love getting photos of our dogs all over the world this time Susie Macklem shared some great photos from Italy, where she and her friends enjoy

walk with her best furry friends Bruno, Tony and Leo


             Leo, Bruno and Tony or his Italian name Toto






We are happy and proud to announce our succes of the last weekend of two dog shows. Our kennel have been supplemented with new titles!
From now:

<<<Golden Diamond Cresteds Venezia>>>

finishing her Latvian Junior Champion title. Congratulations her owner Noriko Rino Anne
<<>> finishing his Latvian Champion and become Lithuanian Champion too.

<<<Golden Diamond Cresteds Rudolph>>

finishing his Latvian Champion title.

<<<Golden Diamond Cresteds Fireball>>

started his show career and Latvian Junior Champion title with 2xJCAC and Best Male and BOO.

<<<Golden Diamond Cresteds Go Sissi Go>>> started her show career in baby clas and become best baby with very promising mark and BIS Baby 4!!!!


Could not be more happy and proud!
Thanks all judges for high mark of our dogs!



                                            BEST BABY IV




                          finishing Latvian Junior Ch title



We have spend beautiful couple of days with our guests from Ukraine. Trying to show us much as possible from our country. We are glad to share one of our dogs with them Powderpuff boy GOLDEN DIAMOND CRESTEDS GILIGNER

We wish you all the best little joy. Thank you Nelya Zinkevich and family for your love and care you give to our little boy.   






"OGRES Winner" 11.07.2015 our girl Golden Diamond Cresteds Milagrosa winning Best of Breed and is now owning new title Ogres Winner'15

Thank you to the judge Brigita Vitolina-Latvia.


 We have said goodbye to one of our boy Golden Diamond Cresteds Torrero. He have made long trip to Denver, Colorado We wish you all the best in your new home and family.

Congratulations Alice Johnson.


 Wonderful news from International Dog Show in Estonia, Parnu (5.07.2015)
Our boy CH.GOLDEN DIAMOND CRESTEDS THAKOON finishing day as 3rd Best Male with CAC and now he is candidate of ESTONIAN CHAMPION! Thank you judge Mr.Vitaliy Belskyy (Ukraine)
Also I am happy for another our boy GOLDEN DIAMOND CRESTEDS BANKSY who was 2nd Best Male with CAC at Speciality Show for FCI IX group at (3.07.2015)Thank you judge Mrs.Tijana Konrad (Serbia) From now he is candidate of ESTONIAN CHAMPION too! Congratulations his owner Diana Bankovica and family . Big thanks his handler for doing the great job with him Irina Fedina




We are so proud today of our girl GOLDEN DIAMOND CRESTEDS CANDANCE finishing her INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION OF BEAUTY. Also, becoming Estonian Champion and finishing her Baltic Champion as well. I am so thrilled.
Thank you judge Jussi Liimatainen, Finland



  This June we made trip to TEXAS, USA. Delivering 4 of our babies to their new homes in Texas, California and Colorado. We are proud and happy for all new families and we hope they will bring a lot of happiness and joy.



Toby enjoy his new activities in Colorado. Thank you to his new owner Andrew Fergoson.

Skippy in his loving hands of Linda Ann Gans enjoys sunny California.



Our boy Luccero will be living in Dallas, Texas. Congratulations for his new owner Karen Romo.



Our boy Zeek will be living in Houston, Texas with his new loving family John and Diane Voll.


Our boy Golden Diamond Cresteds Viper have made it to his new home in Sweden. He is living in beautiful family. We cannot Thank you enough for all you have dont for Viper.

Good luck little boy.



Golden Diamond Cresteds Pacco Proud for Krescendo - IMP LVI (Logan)

13.06.2015 Outeniqua KC - CC Dog, BOB and BEST IN GROUP 2 under Toy Breed Specialist Judge Ms Ricky Gouws
14.06.2015 George KC - CC Dog, RBOB under Judge Ms Joy McFarlane

Thank you Diana Romenkova from Golden Diamond Cresteds for this amazing boy


We have made unforgatable trip to Brazil. Now 4 of our babies will spend their life in beautiful Brazil.

Congratulations to new family, thank you for eveything you do dear Patricia Saraiva and family.

Quester& Serena& Maddy and Mystie





We have spent wonderful weekend In the biggest dog show in Brazil (CBKC). So proud of all my kids, this have been unforgettable experience for me. meeting so many nice people, I was glad to see so many great dogs in Brazil, I was surprised with well organized show and accommodations.

We have great results from the show:

Golden Diamond Cresteds Serena
3x BOB Junior, 3x JCAC

Golden Diamond Cresteds Quester
2x BOO Junior, 2x JCAC

Legends Men In Black

Congratulations to the new owner of my babies.

We would like to thank all judges from Austria, Japan and Brazil.




 24.05.2015 - Latvian Toy Dog Club Winner 2015


I am very proud of my newest generation, they showed there little heart out.
They enjoyed show weekend with excellent results.


Golden Diamond Cresteds Mystictopaz

BOB Baby both days, BIS BABY V and BIS BABY II

Golden Diamond Creteds Madisonstar

BOO Baby (23.05.2015)

Golden Diamond Creteds My Sunstone
BOO Baby (24.05.2015)

I am very happy about results, Thank you to the judges S.&K. Delmar




 We are proud to announced

We have new litter of beautiful babies

HL girl, PP male and THL male



26.04.2015 Dog Show in Novosibrsk

Golden Diamond Cresteds Middleton - CAC, BOB.
New Champion of Russia!

Judge - Testova M.V. 



 It is wet and cold and Tobago( Golden Diamond Cresteds Tobago)  gets his first AKC title and pretty Rosette. He is now Tobago CA. He loves this game and has so much heart. He also got his first leg towards next level.

Thank you dear Linda Pocurull for great home for our Tobago.





Today we said goodbye to our Golden Diamond Cresteds MissPrecious and Golden Diamond Cresteds Vandam.

They both made a long trip all the way to New York were they met their new families.

Congratulations to their new owner Melissa Schlichting from New York and Tracey Riedstra from Michigan.

We are very happy and excited to hear all your new advantures.

Skylee in her new home, sweet sweet baby

Charlie in his new home



Golden Diamond Creasteds Quark (9month) Zeec is open his Latvian Junior Champion18.04.2015 Speciality show, judge Jelena Matvejeva (Russia)



19.04.2015 Дог шоу - (Ранг Чемпион РКФ) в городе Барнаул.

      Golden Diamond Cresteds Middleton - CW, CAC
19.04.2015 Dog show - (Rank Champion RKF) in the city of Barnaul.
     Golden Diamond Cresteds Middleton - CW, CAC



Tobago (Golden Diamond Cresteds Tobago) preparing for the CATs later this month. He has found something he loves. Gaining more confidence all the time. He is a lean mean coursing crested





We are always happy to hear from our new owners, this time we recieved beautiful photos from Italy where our friend Susie Macklem is enjoying time with our boys Bruno, Leo and Toto (now Italian Boys)




  Happy puppy day to my four legged family! They bring me so much Joy! Plus they are good at making friends too! Thank you Diana Romenkova and Golden Diamond Chinese Crested for the chance to have these boys!





At International FCI Dog Show „Pet Expo 2015” with Crufts Qualification, Riga, Latvia 21 & 22.03.2015


We spent two lovely days with wonderful competition of dogs including WW'14 and JWW'14 and representing owners and breeders from 10 different countries: Japan, USA, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia.

rov (Russia) and Mrs U.Eissner (Austria)I'm a happy and proud owner and breeder myself! My kids showed themselves great!


Golden diamond Cresteds Millagrosa -
CIB, Best Female 2, CQ, Excellent 1 in Intermedia class. It was her first steps in adult classes.






 Golden Diamond Cresteds Banksy - Excellent 1 in Junior class, PP and finished as 4th Best Male out of males!
A big thanks to his handler
Irina Fedina for all the hard work and huge congratulations to his family Diana Bankovica Vadim Bankovich Victoria Bankovich Vitalik Bankovich!

Legends Men In Black - Excellent 4, CQ in Champion class. Little engine Tommy do and feel great as always!



Thank you for judging honorable judges Mr D.Prozo





 We are proud to announce





We have started our new show season and its been very successful.

 Today at International dog show " Kaunas ziema 15' " our show star Golden Diamond Cresteds Candance  was the only one from our kennel who attendant this show and she took CACIB, BOS, LT CAC, Show Winer and she now is Lithuanian Champion... and one step closer to her International Champion of Beauty.